Whisper is a 8 year old red roan paint mare, about 14.2 hh.  She was accepted into BAHR in Oct. 2016 with very little socialization.  She spent her first 30 days in basic training with Shane Ogden of Macedon. There she made progress on her basic social skills, grooming, leading, being caught in the pasture, ect. She has recently returned to BAHR, will now be ready for her vaccines and health care and continue the process of socialization and learning the skills she needs. Whisper is a total project horse, and while she has now accepted that people are friends, she has a long road to travel until she is a useful using horse.  Absolutely no beginners or novices, any potential adopters should consider a professional trainer or be experienced in training.

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Whisper has spent the last month with Tim Divita of Gasport, in training and is making great progress!  She now lunges free and on a line, easily picks up all her feet, and is saddled while lunging.  These are great strides for a horse who was terrified of anyone coming in her paddock or stall when she came to us!  We hope someone out there wants to keep up this training process and build a bond with this sweet little mare.

UPDATE*** Whisper has really blossomed this spring with the good care and grass!  She still needs a ton of work on her trust issues and will require an experienced handler/trainer to keep up with her progress.

*UPDATE* December 2017 – Good news!!!! Whisper has bonded with a volunteer who is a young trainer and they are making great progress!  Hanna is now able to ride Whisper off the lunge line at walk/trot, is working on her moving off the leg, whoa and back.  We are beginning to see a glimmer of what Whisper may be someday now that she has found someone to trust and guide her!