Trooper was part of a large scale rescue in 2014, of purebred Morgan horses by the Wayne County Rescue group.  All the 22+ horses were unhandled, malnourished, and never had any sort of care.  There were 9 stallions in the group, including Trooper, who were all together with mares and babies from previous years.  Trooper had an open, draining sore on his face, which under examination proved to be infected teeth that had been left untreated for years.  BAHR accepted the responsibility for Trooper, since his condition was the most severe of any in the group.

The following year was a series of exams and treatments.  Antibiotics were minimally successful, so Trooper went to Cornell for many visits, including two surgeries to remove teeth and the surrounding dead tissues.  Of course, he was also gelded and treated for the neglect he had suffered.  While recovering, he had training done with Shane Ogden of Macedon, NY, and he proved to be a smart and quick study.

Trooper was a great example of how many volunteers and different people it can take for a rescue success.  Everyone wanted to help and so many people played a part in his recovery and eventual adoption.  Trooper is now very loved and adopted, he is riding under saddle and bareback, bitless.  He is truly a miracle, thanks to the community of horse lovers that support BAHR.

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