Trillium is a 13.3 hh gaited Morgan type pony mare, aged at about 30.  She was primarily used as a trail and companion pony and fell into a neglect situation before coming to us.  She is now healthy and happy, still sound for trail riding, due to her age, we recommend light work only with a child or small adult.  Trillium has Cushings disease and does require daily meds to stay in good health.  She has no vices and is a good companion as well.


Trillium upon intake

Trillium after rehabilitation

*UPDATE* December 2017 – Trilly is such a wonderful companion to our big mule Jolene, she is kind and gentle.  She does have issues now with eating hay, so dropped some weight after the grass dried up in the pasture.  She is supplemented with alfalfa pellets and has free choice hay to eat as she can.  She does need to be body clipped in the summer since she grows a long coat due to her Cushings disease.