Donate Supplies

We are always in need of supplies to keep up with current horses at the farm.  The following is a list of items we use daily, weekly, or seasonally and one can never have too much of!


We graciously accept new or used items. We are a 501.c.3 and will provide a Tax Donation Receipt. Thank you for your consideration.
ATV (4 wheeler)
Buckets: 70 Quart Muck, Heated 5 Gallon Water Buckets
Cleaning Supplies: Simple Green, Leather New, Rags, Sponges
Donations: Cash, Gift Cards, Certificates
Fencing: 8’ Pressure Treated Posts, Pressure, 8′ X 1″ X 6″Treated Fence Boards, No Climb Horse Fencing
First Aid: Vet Wrap, Aloe Spray, Blue Coat, Bandage Scissor, First Aid Kit, Vetericyn
Fly Protection & Fly Masks
Garden Hose & Nozzle (all weather)
Grooming: Brush, Combs, Hoof Picks, Horse Shampoo & Conditioner, Totes
Halters: All Sizes, Any Type, Breakaway, Halter Hangers
Hay: We try to keep a supply of both 1st cutting and 2nd cutting grass hay on hand for the different needs of our horses. Donations of clean hay is always appreciated.
Horse Feed: Nutrena Pro Force Fuel Grain, Nutrena Safe Choice Senior Grain, Nutrena Stock & Stable 12% Pellet
Large Dry Erase Board & Erase Markers
Leads & Ties: Cotton Leads, Lung Lines
Leg & Hoof Care: Liniments, Vet & Wrapping Supplies, Hoof Treatments, Wound Care Spray, Thrush Buster
Pasture Drag (Small) Pitchforks: Plastic, Metal Tined
Riding Lawn Mower
Rubber Matting
Snow Blower
Stable Supplies: Muck Buckets, Hay Nets, Bags, Racks, Salt Blocks (all sizes), Salt Block Holders, Bedding, Stall Deodorizer Powder, Double End Snaps
Supplements: Cool Calories, MSM Powder, Liquid CocoSoya, Horse Shoerer’s Secret Supplement, Absorbine Bute-Less Pellets, M-T-G
Tack: Training Surcingle w/Fleece, Western Cinch (36” or any size), Saddle Pad
Water Trough (100 Gallon) & Tank Heaters
DeWormers: Ivermectin or Equimax Paste


Thank you to Katherine Dulski and Cameron Sands for the donation of a beautiful Kubota Tractor!