Spotty is a weanling pintaloosa miniature gelding.  He is registered with the AMHA and AMHR and will be a yearling in March 2018.  It is unusual that a horse so young should find himself homeless, but Spotty’s is a sad story.  His previous owner, a volunteer at BAHR, purchased him from a breeder in the summer and loved him to bits.  In October, she unexpectedly passed away, leaving her husband with the care of their many pets, including Spotty.  He knew he could not provide everything Spotty needed, and asked us to find him a new family.

Spotty is a very loving and quiet baby who obviously has had plenty of attention in his short life.  He is very small right now, only about 26″ tall, and will grow a bit, but will never likely be very tall.  He has only been turned out with other miniatures, we do not advise big horse turnout for his safety.  He has no special health needs, besides those required of other miniatures.