That’s right, our April Poster Boy, Pete, is available for adoption to a very special home!  A more affectionate and personable fellow you will never meet.  Pete is a 30 year old, 36″ registered miniature gelding.  His real name is Countdown, but he was a representative for the PETE fundraising campaign in April, so most know him by this name.  He has never been neglected or abused, he was in fact a very successful driving and show horse for many years!  He only came to use when his loving owner of 20 years, a long time friend of the rescue, was diagnosed with a terminal illness last fall.  She asked us to make sure her little friend was looked after for life.  Pete broke his shoulder about 10 years ago is is not sound for any work.  He is very happy in the pasture, and as a pet to groom and love on.  He is totally kid safe and friendly.  He can be turned out with miniature or large horses as long as they are gentle and calm.  He is healthy in all other ways and does not show his age!  If you think Pete is a good fit for you, contact us for more information.