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Free Lease Agreement


Agreement Date:                                                     


This agreement is made between                                                 , referred to as “Lessee” and Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. (BAHR), referred to as “Lessor.”


  1. This agreement is for                                                            

(horse’s name and description – sex age color).

The adoption fee is $              .


  1. This Agreement is valid indefinitely unless Lessee notifies BAHR of their intent to terminate the Agreement. In the event that Lessee wishes to cancel this Agreement, Lessee agrees to notify BAHR by calling Kirk Miller (585) 322-2427 or emailing to  At no time can the Lessee sell or give away this/these horse(s).  They must always be returned to BAHR.


  1. If this/these horse(s) is/are being moved to another location for any reason, BAHR must be notified prior to the move so that the new farm can be visited and approved. If there is no move notification given to BAHR, BAHR reserves the right to remove the horse immediately from its current location upon receiving notification. The new location must be inspected, and the property/farm owner must sign the BAHR liability release prior to the move.


  1. In the event that the above horse(s) pass away from any cause (illness, old age, accident), BAHR is to be notified within seven (7) days.


  1. The Lessee will feed and maintain the horse(s), providing quality food, free choice water, worming every 6 to 8 weeks, veterinary care, farrier and dental care, and shelter at their expense.


  1. The Lessee agrees that this horse will not be used for breeding or racing.


  1. The Lessee and/or the owner/agent of the facility where the horse is kept shall provide BAHR access to the horse(s) at all times. If, in the opinion of the BAHR representative, the horse(s) is/are not being cared for as agreed above, the horse(s) will be returned to BAHR immediately.  If necessary, a veterinarian of BAHR’s choosing will be called in at Lessee’s expense to examine the horse(s).


  1. At no time shall either the Lessee or BAHR or any one associated with BAHR be held liable in any way for damage done to or by this/these leased horse(s).


  1. Should the Lessee become unable to care for horses(s), BAHR will be notified as stated in Paragraph 1, and the horse(s) will be returned to BAHR as soon as practical.


  1. Any legal action will be taken within Livingston or Ontario County.



All parties agree to the terms and conditions of this Free Lease Agreement. It is effective as of the date stated above.



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