This beautiful gray mare was discovered in the kill pen at the Finger Lakes Livestock exchange in September 2014.  Her forlorn expression, depressed demeanor, skin stretched over her bones, and dull, dry coat, described a horse who had given up on life.  But something about her spoke of a glorious past and we took the chance with $75. to bring her home.  The mare had a lip tattoo, but searching the usual Thoroughbred data base produced nothing.  Being a gray, we did not assume she could be a Standardbred, but eventually that search revealed her past.

Laag’s Girl turned out to have been a war horse of Standardbred racing, winning races for more than 8 years  with combined purses over $100,000.   She went on to produce more winning offspring for her owner for many years.  Her loving owner was dedicated to giving this mare a deserved retirement home, but unfortunately she unexpectedly passed away.  The family thought they found a good home for Laag’s Girl to be loved, but she was passed on within months and within the year ended up in her poor condition facing the most unpleasant of fates.

Thankfully, Begin Again Rescue intervened and with the power of facebook, revealed this amazing story.  Within a few short months, an adopter fell in love with Laag’s Girl, who the rescue had renamed Crystal, and now she is named Claire.  Claire is pampered, groomed, and loved.  She has recovered well and now shows a spark of the racehorse she used to be.  She will never be hungry, cold, or discarded again.