Jewel is approximately 8 years old and 15 hh.  She is obviously a beautiful mare, but has had a troubling, short life.  She was dropped at auction to a fate unknown, where a private rescuer took her home.  She was put in Natural Horsemanship training and was reported to be quietly riding at walk/trot in the ring and on trails.  She was adopted out, but proved unsuitable for her adopter after working with various other trainers.  BAHR was asked to accept Jewel, as her previous rescuer was unable to take her back.

At this time, Jewel needs restarting and trust building.  She is quiet on the ground, but has shown herself to be fearful and shy.  Under saddle she has had undesireable and dangerous behaviors.   Experienced horse owners only, please. Jewel has been fully evaluated for any pain related issues and has been given a clean bill of health.


***UPDATE*** 11/13/16

Jewel has moved into foster care for training with Tom and Alice Osbourne of Conesus.  She loved Tom’s quiet demeanor and gentle ways.  We have great hopes that this pretty little mare can trust again and make a nice riding horse!  Interested prospective adopters can see Jewel in action at Tom’s place.  Please contact us to make an appointment.

*UPDATE*  Jewel is progressing slowly with the trainer, she is lunging in tack, but still needs a bit more time before riding her.  She is slow to trust and very scared.  The trainer says she is very sweet, though and is trying to overcome her fears.


UPDATE*** Jewel has returned from a winter with the trainer, who was unsuccessful at getting her to be trustworthy under saddle.  She can unpredictably explode in dangerous behavior.  For this reason she is currently available for adoption as a companion only.