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Fergus is a 4 year old miniature horse gelding who was surrendered with his mother to the rescue when his family lost interest and could not provide the care and attention he deserved.  He was gelded on Aug. 1 and has strong stallion behavior at this time, so is not suitable for a novice handler or for turnout with other horses quite yet.  We expect his behavior to improve with time and training, hopefully he will mellow into a wonderful family and 4H type horse.  Fergus needs to learn everything from square one, he has had no prior training, although he is very friendly, outgoing and personable.  After a vet exam, he was found to be healthy with no special needs.  He was wearing a halter that was too small, which has made a dent in the bridge of his nose.  This may or may not improve with time.  While in his 2 week quarantine period, he will get basic training and handling, learn some skills, and get up to date on the health care he has never had.  He will be available for adoption after he has healed from gelding surgery and is current on his health care.  Plan to pay him a visit, beautiful minis like this do not last long here!