Boo is a 41″ tall, 4 year old Shetland/miniature cross mare.  She is a beautiful mover with alot of personality to share with her own person!  Boo has had some troubles in her young life and has shown behavioral issues in the past.  After very complete veterinary workups, nothing could be found amiss, so we treated her for gut ulcers with very good results!  Boo is now much more relaxed and receptive to touching and handling.  She was previously started in harness and doing well before her issues showed up, so with an experienced trainer, we see no reason why she could not return to that direction.  Boo now enjoys grooming, lunging, and in hand work, but we do not advise her to be placed in a family with small children or novice horse people due to her past problem.  She may need ulcer treatments again in the future if she shows signs of pain.  Feel free to contact us with more details if you are interested in Boo.

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