On March 3rd, BAHR was contacted by the Ontario County Humane Society to assist in the seizure of 11 miniature horses in Phelps, NY.  Jennifer Lilly, Vice President, and Meg Hems, Barn Manager, transported the 11 horses on March 4th to the BAHR Lima farm.  The humane society had been investigating this property for many months following up on complaints of loose horses, lack of food and water.  On this occasion, a neighbor reported a deceased newborn foal in the paddock.

Upon arrival at the farm, the horses were briefly examined and recorded, assigning them new names and noting any obvious health concerns.  On March 7th, they were all examined by the veterinarian, who found them all to show evidence of malnutrition, some to the point of being emaciated.  All show neglect of hooves , teeth, and skin.  All were lice infested.  Included in the herd are one mature stallion, two adolescent colts, and 8 mature mares.  At least three of the mares appear to be in advanced stages of pregnancy, others may be pregnant as well.  Ultrasounds will be performed in the near future.

At this time, the horses are being held on a 30 day bond.  The Ontario County Humane Society is paying all veterinary expenses and the owner being charged a daily fee.  Should the owner surrender the horses, they will be rehabilitated and available for adoption as we deem them healthy enough to do so.  If the owner chooses not to surrender the horses, they will be held until the courts decide the case.

Volunteers are always welcome at the rescue.  Please refer to our calendar for volunteer days or call us to find out what other days/times volunteers are needed.  The horses are currently eating first cutting hay and miniature horse pelleted feed, but will be slowly increased to a higher caloric feed of Nutrena Fuel.  Look on our “How you can help” page for other ways to contribute.



March 9th, the owner accused of abusing these horses surrendered all animals to the court.  March 10th, the horses have been turned over to Begin Again Horse Rescue.  At this time three previous owners have come forward to claim some of the horses.  These previous owners will have priority in adopting them, but will have to follow our adoption policies.  When the horses are deemed healthy and all rehab work is evaluated, the minis will be available for adoption!  Please refer to our adoption page to review adoption protocol and see if you are eligible.

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Three of the miniature horses were returned to a previous owner.  The mares we named Faline, Tigger, and Jasmine left to go to a very relieved and loving home to continue rehabilitation.  A happy ending for these three!  The remaining 8 minis are continuing to improve, have had feet trimmed, lice treatments, groomed and are on an ever increasing feeding program.  They are lively and having fun with all the attention!  Applications for their future adoption are being accepted at this time.



This has been a busy few weeks for these little horses!  This week the mares were ultrasounded for pregnancy, Belle and Ariel were confirmed in foal to be due in June/July.  The three boys, Aladdin, Roo and Eeyore, were gelded and will be recovering for the next 1-2 weeks.  Although the weight gain will slowly improve, all the horses are perking up and showing more personality.  We did not realize how depressed and ill they all felt until they came alive with good care!