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Permanent Lease/Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in a permanent lease adoption or fostering of a horse from Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. (BAHR). Adopting or fostering an equine can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life. We are looking for people who are committed to lifetime care for the horse(s) they adopt. The only way we can help more horses is if we are able to place our horses into permanent homes. We request a one-time, non-refundable fee for the adoption of a horse to help defray the costs of the care for the horses. This is not a purchase price, but a donation to the rescue, so we may continue the work we do of rescuing at risk horses. Most often, the fee is far less than the rescue has spent in the rehabilitation of each horse.
Before filling out this application, please be sure to review the permanent lease and/or foster contracts to be sure that you understand our expectations and the level of commitment required.
Our goal is to find the best possible homes for our equines. To help us meet that goal, please answer the questions following this cover letter to the best of your ability. Your responses will help us to match you with the horse you are interested in, or possibly another that may meet your requirements.
Once we receive your application (email is the fastest method), we will initiate our adoption process which includes checking references. When that is complete, we then schedule a farm inspection. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. Our volunteers work full-time jobs outside of the rescue, so please be understanding that the process can take up to 2 weeks. Our experience is that the process is much quicker when you notify your references that we will be contacting them and when we have written authorization for your vet and farrier to provide us with a reference (please be sure to fill out the Reference Release in the application).
I understand that by filling out this application, I am inquiring to adopt an equine from Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. I also understand that my application may be denied for a variety of reasons, and I may not be able to adopt an equine from Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc.
Applicant Signature____________________________________________ Date:___________________

Application Date: _________________________Equine Name __________________________________________________
I am interested in (check one):
____Permanent Lease Adoption ____ Foster Foster with Intent to Adopt
Applicant Contact Information
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: Home Other: ____________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________
Horse Experience How would you describe your level of horse experience? (Check One)
Novice_____ Beginner_____ Intermediate_____ Experienced_____ Professional_____
Do you currently own a horse(s): Yes_____ No _____ How many? ______
If you have owned horses in the past, tell us about them, what they were used for, and where
they are now?_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Explain what style or type of training techniques you prefer ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
How often do you feel a horse needs:
Worming Teeth Floated ________________________________________________________________________________
Farrier/Blacksmith Horseshoeing_________________________________________________________________________
How much do you anticipate spending annually for feed, veterinary and farrier care,
medications, special dietary needs, and board for a horse: $____________________________________________________
What types of vaccinations should a horse in your area receive and how often?______________________________________
If you are interested in a pasture pal, what other animals would be living with the horse?_______________________________
Tell us about the person(s) responsible for the care and well-being of the horse:
Feeding____________________________________________ Age____________ Experience level________________________
Training____________________________________________ Age____________ Experience level________________________
General care________________________________________ Age ____________Experience level________________________
Administering medications _____________________________ Age ____________Experience level________________________
Living Conditions
Will the horse live at your property?___________________________________________________________________________
What type of fencing is on the property? (Barbed wire fencing is not an option, so we’ll need to discuss possible solutions.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
If you will be boarding, please give name, address, and phone number of boarding facility
How big is the horse’s turn out area or pasture access:____________________________________________________________
What are the approximate age, height, and weight of the person(s) who will be riding the horse:
Rider 1: Name_________________________________ Age______ Height___________ Experience (Years)__________________
Rider 2: Name_________________________________ Age______ Height ___________Experience (Years)__________________
Rider 3: Name_________________________________ Age ______Height____________ Experience (Years)_________________

Reference Check Release:
I, ____________________________________________ give permission to Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. to contact the person(s) listed below for the purposes of obtaining reference information. These persons/practices have been made aware that you will contact them and have my permission to discuss information regarding my current and/or previous care of my animals/equines.
Signature/Date: ______________________________________________________________
Veterinary Information
Please provide your veterinarian contact information
Farrier Information
Please provide your farrier contact information
Phone ______________________________________________

Personal References
Please provide two references of people that are not related to you who can testify to your ability to provide and care for a horse:
Name_______________________________________________ Relationship_________________ Phone__________________
Name _______________________________________________Relationship_________________ Phone__________________

It is our policy that once references have been verified, we will make a farm visit before this application is considered complete.
Please return this form along with photos of where the horse will be living to:
Email to:
Mail to: Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 28
Honeoye, NY 14471
Questions: (585) 322-2427

Reviewed by BAHR Representative______________________________________________ Date_____________________